• Educational Services

    Educational Services

    Supports for families and individuals through planning, coaching, consulting, preparation, and advocacy.

    Consulting Services

    1. IEP support Service- IEP review, Mediation preparation and support.

    Strategic Planning

    1. Identification of strengths, interests, skills, abilities, and goals to assist with educational progress at home, school, & community integration
    2. Guidance provided on class and post-secondary training or workforce

    Disability services with the Educational team

    1. Coaching to be confidant in knowing how to support & negotiate; having the student’s needs met while working towards a collaborative goal with the educational team
    2. Connect with disability services that may be recommended for continual educational support.
    3. Partner and Support at the meetings scheduled by the educational team
    4. Advocate for education and social support services
    5. Support in working with the school, university and or the entire system
    6. Support to understand policies and rights of special education students
    7. Provide guidance with disputes

    Academic Support

    1. Tutoring in Math, Science, Basic Statistics
    2. Work on strategies for remote learning
    3. Advise and plan on implementation of remote learning tools

    Social Skills Groups

    Increase Socialization and avoid being left out of social inclusion opportunities.

    1. Developing social skills
    2. Increase conversations
    3. Learning coping skills to manage stress/frustration and anxiety
    4. Problem solving skill development
    5. Online etiquette/strategies on Zoom, MS Teams, GoToMeeting platforms