• Licensure Consultation Services

    Licensure Consultation Services

    Obtaining certification as a Rehabilitation counselor can become a cumbersome process if you are not planning to work in an agency.  To assist with the navigation of this process I offer a variety of licensure consultation services for your consideration.

    Brief Consultations:
    A one-time 20-minute phone conversation regarding Rehabilitation counselors is free to you if you are a fellow member of the State or National Association. The cost to nonmembers is $50.

    Ongoing Phone Consultations:
    Three 20-minute phone conversations regarding Rehabilitation licensure costs $105 for fellow State or National Association members and costs $150 for nonmembers.

    Coaching Services:

    If you find these challenges overwhelming, you might want to consider the services of a coach. As a leader in the profession at the national and state level, I have a unique skill set that merges both licenses to help you through the process.

    Coaching services priced at $100/hr. (four-hour minimum) for State or National Association members, nonmembers $150/hr.

    Proof of membership and/or payment of consultation/coaching services must be complete prior to the scheduled appointment.

    For you, several challenges may exist in obtaining a Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. Do you ask yourself these questions?

    • How will my coursework equate to CRCC specific subject requirements?
    • How does the CRCC differ from the LMHC/LPC and how should I study for the test?
    • Where should I go to get the extra coursework required by CRCC?